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Uniquely handmade by Mimi, an initiated master Amazonian shaman using the sacred trees of the Peruvian jungle. Our essences are infused with icaros, medicine songs unlocking the mystical powers of the forest.


Ancient Wisdom

For thousands of years it has been known that trees are sacred beings instilled with divine wisdom. Learn, grow and transform guided by the tree spirits.

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Healing Spirits

The essences remove energetic blocks and realign the heart, body and mind. Restoring energetic balance and well-being.

> Amazonian Shamanism


Traditional Roots

The essences are infusions created in the Amazon jungle, using the bark and roots of the medicinal trees. The icaro is then sung to activate the spirits in the essence.

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Shamanic Skills

The Essences are created by Mimi, a master shaman and trained nurse who learned shamanism and plant-based healing in the Amazon jungle.

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Retreats Peru

Shamanic sacred plant & tree dietas in the heart of the Amazon rainforest.

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Listen to the sounds of Amazonian Shamanism as Mimi takes you on a healing journey with the enchanting Icaros.

> Icaro CD

A wonderful synergy of our tree essences blended with aromatic essential oils and infused with sacred song. Unifying shamanism, herbalism & aromatherapy.

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Mist your aura & space with our shamanic sprays.

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Discover the mystical world of Amazonian shamanism with Mimi’s visionary artwork

Fill your home with tree-spirit healing energy. Mimi paints her visions of the healing energy of the sacred trees she works with Limited edition fine art prints and personal medicine paintings available.

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