When I feel sad, I spray on Sacred Tree Essences uplifting spray: after a few minutes things aren't so dark. I also use the confidence spray before sitting an exam, up until now they have all gone well. The sprays also smell very nice, I recommend them to everyone.

Sam, Italy


I bought Una De Gato because at that point in my life I just felt I needed to let my past go, as its been 7 years now since I walked out on my husband and left two businesses that were doing so well and a lovely home but the marriage was draining me.  I still kept holding some form of resentment.  When I started taking this Essence, a week later, not only did I accept my present life, but my friends and work colleagues also started behaving differently, mostly there were more friendly and helpful.  This was a real plus and I feel its due to the positive energy I have around me and I do feel very positive and most of all confident.

Jancy, UK


I was strongly guided to Mimi's site, and decided to book a healing session. The healing session was very profound, the energy of the tree spirits came to me strongly via song and  the energy that Mimi connected me with.  Before the session, I was guided to the cumaceba essence, and Mimi sensed this was right for me too. As soon as I started the essence, I felt my heart open and pure joy and love. This helped to create an amazing balance in my life in the physical world, and I felt more able to cope with the stresses of life. The essences are very powerful, and I am continuing my healing journey with the amazing amazonian tree spirits.

Anthea, UK. Shamanic Practitioner      


I spray the shining heart mist on me everyday and enjoy its beautiful uplifting and gentle smell. I find it works best for me in the morning after I’ve showered and before my meditation practice, and in the evening before I go out. I use it to connect with my senses, as protection around my aura and heart, and it gives me great comfort on a daily basis or when I’ve feeling disconnected or a little blue.

What I really like about it is that I can carry it around with me and use it instantly to uplift me when I need it. I look forward to trying out the other fragrances and introducing them to my friends and family as a necessity for well-being.

Maria, UK
I suffer with anxiety and have been taking medication for this problem for years .when I am feeling anxious my life doesn't seem worth living I feel crushed by an irrational fear which I can't seem to shake off. I don't know if any of you have suffered or are suffering with this ,but on bad days my only thought is , I want the day to end and go back to bed.I have been using "Sacred Tree Essences" spray calming mist and it has really helped me.I just spray it on like a perfume I breath in the scent deeply and concentrate on the aroma for a few seconds .Almost instantly I can feel myself calming down and my heart rate slowing down ,for me a god send, I use it as often as I need or want to. I recommend it to everyone thank you Mimi.
Anna, UK


"I purchased two of your essences a couple of weeks ago – bobinsana and una de gato. I picked these purely on instinct. I found out just over a year ago that I was going through the menopause at 40, which was a huge shock to me and very upsetting. 2012 was a horrendous year for me, and I sank into a deep depression and an inertia seemed to take me over and I could not relate to the person I had become – bitter, angry, spiteful, apathetic and full of negative thoughts. My relationship with a wonderful man, who is most definitely my soulmate, was practically in ruins. I could not motivate myself to do anything and was exhausted all the time. I have tried so many things to try and get myself back to some sort of equilibrium – vitamins, kinesiology, exercise, you name it – nothing has worked.

 I had to write to you and tell you that in just over a week, your essences have transformed my life. I feel like there has been a dramatic shift in my energy and the darkness has lifted. I feel full of energy and love and clarity. I cannot believe the difference in myself. I am so grateful to you and to the universe for guiding me to your essences. Thank you. Thank you. I feel blessed."

Gemma, Ireland


“I have taken 2 courses of the essences, one of Cielo Ayahuasca and one of Uchu Sanango. Both times the effects were strong and very beneficial. Having spent a lot of time at the centre in Peru where Mimi trained I know the effects of the shamanic dieta. With the essences, it felt like I was back at camp doing the dieta. For the first few days they brought up strong emotions, as the plant spirits were cleansing them from my body. After about 5 days this settled down and I felt calmer and more peaceful than before taking them. This effect is still with me several months later. The essences are a fantastic and affordable way to become connected (or stay connected if you have been previously) to the powerful medicine of the Amazon jungle without having to travel all the way there. Mimi is a well-trained and powerful shaman who is committed to living her medicine path. This energy is transmitted into the essences through her icaros. I am excited that she has found a medium through which she can share this with a greater number of people.”

Mark Flaherty, UK

“Having experienced Mimi’s icaros during ceremonies, I was thrilled with the release of her CD—especially since it coincided with the end of my pregnancy. Looking for ways to incorporate the medicine’s energy movement while in labor, this CD provided the opportunity to receive the healing energy of the spirits when I needed them most. Listening to the CD, I relied on the meditative power of the icaros to move through me in creation of a surging river vision. The icaros sung with Mimi’s divine voice opened up a space of trust, allowing me to flow with the pain and giving me a direction to follow. I found this experience of vision and sound incredibly important during delivery. In those moments of greatest intensity I knew I was not alone and the icaros helped me to focus. Also remarkable is the way the baby responds to the CD. The last 4 icaros are her favorites and we play them for soothing. In fact, she falls asleep to the Dancing Spirit icaro. Thank you for recording and sharing this tree medicine!”

Rachel Brumit, USA

“The Sacred Tree Essences have had a positive impact in my life, I feel supported by the energies of the tree essences and experience my energy flowing and moving in a more centred and collected way. Although taking the essences brings buried feelings and experiences to the surface, I feel more supported and more able to process them in a way that suits my best intentions for myself and the universe. The additional Icaro, made the experience more intense and worked on the areas that I felt needed the most help. I would recommend the Sacred Tree Essence as a powerful yet gentle way to grow, learn and become a better more loving person.”

Isabelle, UK

“Lupuna Blanca opened my eyes, my mind, and cleansed my body. An 8 day course provided spaces of such clarity, peace, and knowing, as well as times of discomfort, feelings of moodiness, and a turbulent mind. The essence brought me to my intuition, opening up new awareness and understanding. Overall, it was a beautiful developmental and transcendental experience, essential in my personal and spiritual

Rachel Pemble-Fahnert, USA

"So ive been taking the Huaira Caspi sacred tree essence for a week now and have been feeling more focused in terms of my work. I have also felt it is useful for breaking cycles of behavior in my case smoking cannabis. My moods have been up and down however I have leveled out towards the end of the week. The diet is a good lesson in self control and I think together with the essence it makes you more conscious of your behavior. I also had a dry patch of skin that was red and itchy on my forehead which faded a lot over the course of the week. All in all feeling good."

Nick, UK


“The Ayahuma you recommended for me is super grounding – the first time I took it I almost had to sit down, seriously. Things are SO different when I feel grounded… I had no idea :) I can’t tell you enough how grateful I am for the essences… it’s so easy for me to get caught up in my mind. Taking the time to work with the essences is another thing I can do to reconnect with the medicine and that is so valuable.

I got Remo Caspi for my dad and he surprisingly took it religiously when he was staying with me. I noticed changes in his behavior, although I don’t think he’d admit to it just because he’s stubborn like that. He was much more relaxed about things and I know that could have been because of changes in me too, but I was really surprised at times. We had one huge argument that was not fun, but turned out really good because we actually worked through stuff for once instead of avoiding it. My mom got Cumaceba and she told me she feels like it helps. Which is huge for her to say because she’s not great at expressing things like that. My sister has Huaira Caspi and feels like it calms down her thoughts when she gets anxious. It’s been very cool to see their reactions. Thank you Mimi!”

Tatiana, USA

"This is my second round of course with Punga. The first time, with the enormous and generous help from punga and the icaros, I was able to purge "alcohol spirits" from my energetic body. This "crossed energy" had been the root cause of my imbalances. I had no idea what to expect from Punga, and although the purging was extremely heavy and challenging, I felt cleansed and purified.

This 2nd round, coupled with the music, I felt super connected with the medicine. So much so that I merged completely with the essence and its teaching. I literally felt the sacred energy expand my consciousness everytime I took it. More and more, I feel myself unifying with God's loving energy and that feels completely wonderful. I recommend taking Punga to anyone who wants their true essence to be revealed to them. “Well I’m into my 9th week of the essences now and are really enjoying the experience that the trees have been giving me. Some of the trees have really shook up my foundations and uprooted all the structures, beliefs and perceptions that I have of life. I have done Aya before and I think that that has a big part as well but the essences have kept me connected with the trees a t all times. The revelations have been great."

Claire, USA


"The Uchu Sanango essence completely changed my life! I'm not over-exaggerating either! I was drawn to taking the essence in early July and I didn't really know what to expect. About 5 days in to the diet I started to REALLY understand how I create my reality with my thoughts and feelings. I had read about this concept many times before and I thought I understood it but Sanango made me realise that I only understood at an intellectual level. Abuelo Sanango gave me the power to understand the concept fully, with my whole body and now I completely understand the truth of how we create our lives and that we are limitless beings only limited by our minds.

Before taking the essence I felt I was a victim of circumstance – especially financial circumstances and that I was limited in what I could achieve because of money. Now I completely understand that I created my current finances with my mind and with just a choice I can create financial abundance.

Just two weeks of taking the essence has completely changed my life. I'd say it has been one of the most, if not THE most important insight of my life – I feel completely free to be, do and have whatever I want, and I know, deep inside that I can achieve it. Abuleo Sanango has given me the beautiful gift of personal power and freedom. Absolutely awesome! Thank you Abuelo Sanango and thank you Mimi!"

Paul, UK


– Remo Caspi was the first essence that I had and it totally shook all my foundations up. Being an earthy, structured and very disciplined person by nature. Remo Caspi threw all that out the window. I found myself all over the place fighting the universe. I had a lot of bad luck, as some people would say and I would feel as if I was chasing my tail all the time. But when I just let go and let things happen, “almost like give up”, things would always go my way. It’s a very up there essence in the sense that it takes control and if you don’t have the understanding of letting the universe flow in your life Remo Caspi will teach you. I had some really beautiful sound moments with Remo Caspi, they were very emotional. I received the feeling of beauty of life. Overall Remo Caspi was a hard one for me because I’m very grounded, this threw all that out. Expect Remo to let you know who is boss and let it be, because the wonders it shows you are worth it if you let it.

– Uchu Sanango was next. Sanango was a favourite, but in the Western culture that we live in, I feel that restrain and responsibility are important. Sanango allows you to see, by this I mean see the truth. I felt the bullshit and the cover-ups and the saw the mirrors and smokescreens. When I saw this was everywhere I had to learn to deal with it. Sure Sanango is all about truth and it showed me that. But restrain and questions always arise with this essence. When you focus back on yourself you can feel pretty down. This can be due to the amount of bulldust you’ve been telling yourself for so long. You really start questioning who you are and if you use Sanango you can answer those questions and start moving ahead. But there is no kidding yourself with Sanango, if you try the feelings are not the best. I felt this with my job. I hate my job. My dream is to do something that I have been studying in my past time for years. This is who I am. Sanango brought me to the crossroads on my future decision about my future. If you really want to know who you are and are ready for some hard questions Sanango is the essence for that.

– Finally I’m currently on Cielo Ayahuasca. Very much my favourite essence. It’s made me take action and has straightened everything out. I’m organised and things are going great. I’m planning and doing. I love the Ah-Ha moments that Ayahuasca gives me. It has also allowed me to move into the direction of understanding life and that everything just is. It’s a beautiful essence. I love it and take it a lot more than the other two because of the answers and the Ah-Ha moments I get with it. I use it before meditation and I have great meditations. I love Aya as I do see myself as a student of life and really are drawn to the answers of life, Aya gives you that. This is my favourite by far.”

Danny, Australia

“I met Mimi six years ago at Blue Morpho while she was an apprentice there. I found her energy essential to my experience, and was most grateful for her presence. As I began to prepare for my return to BM, I reread my journal and an old newsletter from BM, and Googled Mimi's name. How wonderful it was to discover her current work! I ordered a set of the essences as well as the CD, and began to do cycles of essences at the beginning of this year. The CD has been playing as I drift off to sleep most days, and I have made it a treasured gift to some of my spiritually oriented friends.

As noted on the site, the essences are all about allowing the essence to teach you and realign your energy. I didn't know exactly what that was going to mean, and for the first week of my first essence, Camalonga, I wasn't sure anything was 'happening'. It was partway through the second week that I realized I was dreaming more and remembering more of what I dreamed. I had misinterpreted the instructions, and so was maintaining the diet the second week.
As I went through the cycle of Una de Gato, I experienced a 'heart transplant' in dreamtime, an amazing experience of having to expand my chest and energy to make it fit.
Working through Uchu Sananga, Cielo Ayahuasca, and Shiwawaku, I found the essences pretty relentless- it sure wasn't easy, every pain and blockage I've experienced in my life came to the fore. I was able to feel more,emotionally and physically, feel in a way I hadn't been able to for many years. I had shut off some feelings dealing with severe pain starting on my day one. The essences are sneaky sometimes- when I was focusing on a physical breakthrough, an emotional breakthrough happened while I wasn't looking.
Chuchuhuasi has been a special challenge. I found myself pushing against a very major blockage. I kept with the essence for four weeks, adding Remo Caspi in the last week and a half. Monumental physical and mental pains and blockage. Finally, in my 'off' week, the breakthrough, and I feel better than I ever have, literally better than at any other time in my life. Finally feeling the energy flow throughout my body, top to bottom.
If I could give some advice to someone experiencing the essences for the first time, it would be this: Set your intention with the information on the website and in the brochure. Follow the diet. Persevere even if nothing seems to be happening, or even if you seem to be temporarily worse. Let go and let the essence work, breathe and concentrate on your heart, and the spirits will teach you and change you"
Dr Craig Benson, USA