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shamanism_mimi The trees of the Amazon have been used for thousands of years for their medicinal properties. Shamans in the Amazon called Paleros (tree specialists) use a traditional system of medicine. The knowledge and the use of these sacred medicines have been passed down through ancestral lineages of shamans.

Each medicinal tree houses thousands of spirits. These contain medicine spirits and protective spirits. The medicine spirits are doctor spirits that straighten crossed energy, move energetic blocks, and allow for energetic release. They work on the energetic centres of the mind, heart, and body. The protective spirits are the spirits that ward off negative/heavy energies from penetrating our psyches.

Traditionally, shamans are guided by their Maestro (Master Shaman) throughout the entirety of their apprenticeship. An apprenticeship can last for many years. As part of tree shamans’ training, they undergo periods of time in the jungle where they must ingest infusions made from the barks of the trees, be on a very restricted diet, and cannot be physically touched by anyone. During this period of time (known as a dieta), a relationship between the shaman and the spirits becomes established. The tree spirits teach the shaman many things, including icaros.

Icaros are a sound form of vibrational energy that alter or create new states of consciousness, allowing for change and transformation to take place. Icaros are a system of communication between shamans and the spirit world. Tree shamans use Icaros to energetically manage all aspects of their work. Icaros are used for calling the tree spirits and cleansing and straightening energy, among other things. Shamans may each have hundreds of icaros that they utilize to do their work.

Purification, Learning, Growth, transformation and help on your spiritual journey, guided by the tree spirits.