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Peruvian Retreat Uchu Sanango Shamanic dieta – Purification, energetic re-balancing, spiritual growth, learning and transformation in the Peruvian Amazon.

  • 8 day retreat
  • Shamanic dieta plant preparations
  • Shamanic Sanango ceremonies
  • Shamanic one to one work
  • Smudging with palo santo & herbs
  • Medicinal baths for cleansing, protection & prosperity
  • Floral baths to enegetically blossom
  • Mediation sessions
  • Medicinal plant jungle walks
  • Stargazing night boat ride

Traditional Amazonian Shamanic Diet

Shamans in the Amazon jungle have been using sacred plants and trees for thousands of years. They use plants that are known for their spiritual and transformative qualities. They are a group of plants/trees classified as plantas maestras. (teacher plants). This means that they are able to teach us divine wisdom and knowledge. The plants are also very deeply purifying as they work on releasing negative energies from our body and mind. The tree spirits are transferred from the trees into your body where they begin to do their work.

Uchu Sanango Dieta

retreat_mimiUchu Sanango (not to be confused with Chiric Sanango) is a very sacred powerful tree. It has the ability to illuminate truth and inner clarity. It gently works through your entire energetic body and mind, cleansing and straightening crossed energy. It releases emotional baggage, old patterns of behaviour and thinking that no longer serve us. It helps connect us to our heart and find the truth within. Sanango is a very powerful medicine that is deeply transformational. Abuelo sanango the grandfather spirit of this plant is a wise old man who guides and shares his divine knowledge with us, teaching us how to live from our heart and from a place of integrity. The sanango works for many months after you have taken it. Undertaking the dieta is only the beginning of your transformation. Expect changes to occur in your life as you release your fears, doubts and old ways of being and embrace living from a place of truth and aligned with your soul’s journey.

The root of this tree is ingested at 3am for 3 consecutive days. The brew is very hot and spicy. It usually starts working within 10 minutes of ingestion and the effects can last for a few hours. It can produce very mild visionary effects, vomiting and diarrhoea as the plant works on cleansing your system. The next day you may still feel the effects as your co-ordination and vision can be affected. It is usual to feel quite hot as the plant works through your energetic system.

Discipline & Commitment

In order to create the optimal energetic environment for the tree spirits to cleanse, teach and guide you there are certain rules that have to be followed during the dieta and for a period after. It is paramount that these rules are followed to ensure your safety, the best possible outcome and show respect to the plants you are working with. Undertaking a Sanango dieta needs to be taken very seriously as it is a very sacred and powerful plant, if you do not think you can follow the rules then it is advised that you do not participate.


Rules and restriction that apply whilst participating in a sanango dieta

•Once the dieta begins you will be on a very restricted diet which will consist of grilled fish, plantains, cucumber, palm of heart and a drink made from yucca/manioc. These will all be prepared without salt, sugar or oil. No other foods are permitted. (vegetarians and vegans welcome)

•You won’t be able to take any medication. (including the contraceptive pill and malaria tablets) You will be asked to complete a health questionnaire and your case will be reviewed prior to booking.

•You won’t be able to use any cosmetics, soap, toothpaste or repellent. You can take as many showers as needed but can’t use any soap. You can brush your teeth with a brush but no toothpaste.

•You can’t hug, shake hands or touch any other person. The shaman can touch you when they are performing healing work on you.

•No sexual activity including masturbation or flirting with other guests is permitted.

•No strenuous exercise or activities. A stroll in the jungle or a leisurly swim in the river is permitted but you must remain in the lodge grounds and strictly no sunbathing is permitted.

•No listening to music or reading books. (It is a time for you to commune with the spirits of the plants)

Restrictions after completing the dieta

•No sex or sex related activities (includes kissing) for 30 days

•No alcohol for 30 days

•No recreational drugs for 30 days

•No pork or duck for 30 days



This exotic lodge is located 2 hours speed boat journey from the Amazonian city of Iquitos. It is found on the Rio Napo river, a tributary runnning off the Amazon river. The lodge is situated on a beautiful lake and surrounded by virgin rainforest. The lodge comprises of bungalows with ensuite bathrooms, ceremonial house and a lakeside relaxion pier with hammocks. We will be visiting the local yahur tribe, taking medicinal plant walks and you will be able to swim in the lake. Take a look atour beautiful photos of this amazing healing space.

lakeside relaxation

Lakeside relaxation and swimming.


Jungle bungalows.


Well equipped Bedrooms

ceremonial_house maloca_entrance

Ceremonial house entrance with crystal ball handrail!


Professional kitchen.

malocar round window bathroom

Ceremonial house feature – jungle viewing through main door.

Ensuite modern bungalow bathrooms.


A very welcome guest.

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Getting to Iquitos

You will have to take a flight to Lima, the capital city of Peru and then take a domestic flight to Iquitos. (1hr.45min) You will be met by a hotel representative at the airport of Iquitos and taken to the hotel. You will spend one night in Iquitos before travelling to the lodge the following morning.

mapiquitos river map

Shamanic practice

Mimi buttacavoli has a background in nursing and is a Maestra Sananguera & Palera (tree & Sanango specialist). She has been trained by her maestros to work with this sacred root and she will be overseeing your dieta and performing shamanic ceremonies and one to one shamanic work. (No Ayahuasca ceremonies)


None scheduled at present.

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£850 (approx $1,400) – 8 day/ 7 night stay in the Amazon

This includes: 1 night hotel stay in Iquitos, airport tansfer, 7day/ 6 nights at the jungle lodge, all food, plant preparations, shamanic ceremonies, shamanic one to one work, meditation sessions, discussions, medicinal baths, smuding and medicial plant walks. (Flights not included)

If you are interested in finding out more about this retreat please email mimi@SacredTreeEssences.com for an itinerary and information pack.

We really look forward to sharing this amazing opportunity to connect with nature and experience the deeply transformative power of the Amazon forest.


Dearest Mimi, you’re such a beautiful, powerful Shaman. I feel totally blessed to have you take me through my first Uchu Sanago experience. From the moment we met I felt totally safe and at peace.You’re fantastic sense of humour and wicked laugh kept my spirit constantly light and bright even as my entire physical being was for want of a better description “totally pixilated and melting on the floor"I never doubted your ability to take me where I needed to go, your Medicine and Icaros moved powerfully through me night after night and day after day whilst in the jungle and continue to do so since returning home. I suspect my life will never be quite the same after spending time with you Mimi, you are a wonderful gift to all who are fortunate enough to cross paths with you. Love, light, laughter and many blessings Adrienne Kane

"I attended Mimi Buttacavoli's Sanango Dieta in her fabulous retreat in the Peruvian Amazon. Mimi is a Maestra with consummate skill. The entire time, I felt well cared for by her and the staff. The location is real treasure, where I felt connected with the plants and animals of the Amazon. If anyone wants to experience the power of a Sanango Dieta, I highly recommend this retreat." Casey Machula