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Cumaceba Essence (15ml)

Product Review (submitted on 8 May 2013):
at the moment I am dieting Cumaceba. I always set an intention when I take the essences. My intention for the diet was to be able to give unconditionally, to love all others unconditionally and to circulate money freely without worrying about running out. I only started today but this morning I had an insight that "I am everything, and because I am everything then I can give me without ever running out of me." This led to a beautiful relaxation of my heart and the feeling that because I am everything then I have nothing to protect myself against - I felt my boundaries relax to let me/the world in. I remember intending to invite more of myself into my life e.g. instead of shutting it out through false perception of life or judgement of others, who are really me. So all love is self love because we are one - and as I accept myself I invite more of myself into my life - as love, joy, happiness, peace and abundance. And I can give this abundance without fear of running out because I can never run out of that which I am. I understood that the fear of running out of money limits our giving and circulating - and this thought is born out of a sense of separation, that money is a separate thing than us, so we can run out of it. But the truth is the we are it!