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Shiwawaku Essence (15ml)

Product Review (submitted on 8 May 2013):
Lately all my paths are leading towards Amazon. At the beginning I wasn't feeling much connection with the essence. After a few days of using it I started to have a dazzling feeling on the soles of my feet- like growing roots towards the ground. I still feel it all the time and felt a massive urge to walk barefoot! I just felt like taking my shoes off in the middle of London ;) and feel like my sole had rise! I had scheduled my psychic development course some time ago and it all had fallen into the same time frame while taking the Shiwawaku. I have learned so much form the course- more than I probably was aiming to. I have understood lots of insights about myself not even mentioning the amazing readings and trust that I have developed with my psychic work. I will definitely try more!