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Calming Mist (50ml)

Product Review (submitted on 13 August 2021):
I underestimated this mist, thinking it would be subtle compared to the essences. But during 4 consecutive days of using this, it took me on such a powerful journey, lovingly guiding me to come out of my PTSD terror state (due to childhood trauma) and instead, to come and 'live' in my 'new home' in my heart, where only Love resides without terror.
I had to face my biggest fears throughout this journey, but how could I refuse, when these tree spirits invited me in with such enticing love, safety, protection & assurance.

I still use this mist most days, as it calms down my anxiety hugely and brings me much needed relief from my depression, as it brings me out of the black cloud/negativity in my mind and takes me into my heart where everything is so beautiful