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Una de Gato Essence (15ml)

Product Review (submitted on 20 April 2021):
This Jaguar spirit has drenched me with such beautiful, fierce, safety and protects me with it's life; pouring safety deeeeep into my soul, I have never ever known. So much so, that after spending my entire adult life traumatized and locked away in the safety of my room, I have finally been able to gradually start taking relatively big, brave steps out of my room and into the world outside.

Because the truly magnificent aspect of this essence is that even after having finished it, I continue to find myself so possessed by this Jaguar spirit living within me (in a good way!), that it is planting and instilling in me this amazing new identity of Brave Courage, Fearlessness, Confidence, Inner Strength and Security. The power of this Jaguar is so invincible, that I am really starting to feel this invincibility within me.