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Cielo Ayahuasca Essence (15ml)

Product Review (submitted on 10 July 2019):
I have used this essence on and off for 2 months now.
Taken with prayer and intention, it sets my mind body and spirit to do the work. At first I wasn't sure it could be efficient. I eventually changed my diet and set to try it for a week. Was surprised how strong the effects were. I had incredible lucid dreams, intense meditations and an overall relaxed feeling, dealing very calmly with situations that arose in my daily occupations and work.
I highly recommend it, but keep in mind that you need to set yourself to appreciate the effects of this great medicine. Prepare your body, try a diet with nothing but products that comme from the earth, nothing industrial, no alcohol, no drugs, no weed etc... Prepare your mind, make some time to work with the medicine. If you keep your self busy all day, as we usually all do, it might be difficult to realize its subtle effects. I find that a meditation, a slow walk in a natural environment, in the morning, an hour after i have taken a few drops is best. Enjoy and give thanks to Mimi for the work she's doing.