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Punga Amarilla Essence (15ml)

Product Review (submitted on 11 December 2018):
My second round on Punga . It woke me up and it revealed deep (for me) shamanic secrets which now seem so obvious and tie into my energy work developments of the last 2 months - which have involved accepting divine infinity as source. Its literally been teaching me how to create an energy field and sing into it. As I created this deep field of divine love and sang, the spirit of punga slid off the branches into my consciousness and began an hour long trip thru my chakras. Smell of fresh sour apples. It showed me how to wind melodies to create honey traps for negative energies. Probably one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. Its fading now as I change my vibration much like the end of a ceremony with the melody echoing. A feeling that im being trained to be a shaman emerges joyfully. True or not, What an unbelievable privelage