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Uchu Sanango Essence (15ml)

Product Review (submitted on 21 March 2017):
Its my second Week with Uchu Sanango in Combination with a strict Diet and it works really well, sometimes i use some Rape and Mapacho to go a bit deeper. I done several Diets with Medicine Plants in Peru and also by myself in Combination with Ayahuasca and this is quiet a gentle Way of working with the Medicine Plants. The first Days was some struggling and emotional and then it entered to a deep connection with the tree and myself, I feel really grounded, strength, lots of gratitude, Heartopening and Clarity inside. I feel its a gentle and beautiful way of working with the Medicine plants but it goes deep as well. I will continue some more weeks with Uchu Sanango and of course will try some other Shamanic Medicine essences from Mimi . Thanks a lot