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Bobinsana Essence (15ml)

Product Review (submitted on 21 March 2017):
I took 3 drops in the morning and 3 drops in the afternoon on this first day. About 30 minutes later after the second 3 drops, i started feeling something like a psychedelic breakthrough and had to breathe deeply through it. Suddenly a voice was speaking to me reviewing my choices in real time. It was Bobinsana. She told me to get my guitar and she taught me my first icaros. I spent 3 hours in her precense and she made me go out to walk in the park as i got an endless loving analysis of how my decisions have not been in my best interest and who to better align with my true lifes purpose. I rate the experience as more astonishing than any of the countless aya ceremonies I have partaken in. It was so much more focused on me personally rather than universal truths. Best purchase I ever made. Thank you Mimi

Also on a technical note - great customer service. At one point I thought the bottle had been lost in the mail and was immediately offered a replacement bottle. It showed up the next day, but I was impressed with the quick offer to fulfill the order.