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Uchu Sanango Essence (15ml)

Product Review (submitted on 5 August 2012):
The Uchu Sanango essence completely changed my life! I'm not over-exaggerating either! I was drawn to taking the essence in early July and I didn't really know what to expect. About 5 days in to the diet I started to REALLY understand how I create my reality with my thoughts and feelings. I had read about this concept many times before and I thought I understood it but Sanango made me realise that I only understood at an intellectual level. Abuelo Sanango gave me the power to understand the concept fully, with my whole body and now I completely understand the truth of how we create our lives and that we are limitless beings only limited by our minds.

Before taking the essence I felt I was a victim of circumstance - especially financial circumstances and that I was limited in what I could achieve because of money. Now I completely understand that I created my current finances with my mind and with just a choice I can create financial abundance.

Just two weeks of taking the essence has completely changed my life. I'd say it has been one of the most, if not THE most important insight of my life - I feel completely free to be, do and have whatever I want, and I know, deep inside that I can achieve it. Abuleo Sanango has given me the beautiful gift of personal power and freedom. Absolutely awesome! Thank you Abuelo Sanango and thank you Mimi! x