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Cumaceba Essence (15ml)

Cumaceba Essence (15ml)
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Connection to my heart
I love this essence because it helps me connect to my heart when I lose myself in my thoughts, especially in my relationships where my stinking thinking can get the best of me sometimes. This essence feels gentle and light, and uplifts me in this difficult times, reminding me is all is well and as it should be. Highly recommend it! Thank you Mimi for creating such divine essences. I'll be ordering this again. Review by Yonca / (Posted on 09/04/2023)
Heart opening and blissful. I have tried each of the essences numerous times now and I will try them all again. Everyone should do at least one of these dietas once. They are a real game changer and I am so lucky I got to come across them and Mimi <3 blessings! Review by Siobhan / (Posted on 04/10/2021)
Loving playful
This connects to the inner playfulness of the heart.. Very loving Review by Laura / (Posted on 14/06/2021)
Mimi is a gifted healer
I decided to book a consultation with Mimi a few weeks ago.. her sound and very practical advice was simple and yet so powerful in terms of how to cope and deal with anxiety and fear when it starts to creep in... then she submitted a few Icaros (from 3 different tree spirits) which were tailored just for me and my healing journey with Cumaceba. I can’t begin to describe how these songs or “icaros” have healed and are continuing to realign and bless me. I have since referred her to few of my friends.. Thank you so much, Mimi. I’ll be back for more.

Sidenote: 11 years ago I dieted Punga Amarillo (2 bottles) which extracted “alcohol spirits” from my entire system. I don’t drink alcohol til this day. It has been a huge difference in my mental and physical health and well being. Review by Claire / (Posted on 16/04/2021)
I honestly haven’t felt this happy, light and loving since I started my journey with Cumaceba. And it’s only my 8th day.. This tree essence has brought me to a constant state of well being and happiness that my clinical nutritionist even commented on my positive and uplifting energy. So gentle and loving, I actually felt my physical heart getting stimulated the first time I took it. My spiritual heart has opened. I feel so good. So happy I chose Cumaceba. I will always be taking this stuff. Review by Claire / (Posted on 16/04/2021)
I love this Essence !
It is so gentle and delicate. I release a lot off old emotions from childhood. Will definitely recommend. Review by Julia / (Posted on 11/02/2020)
I love this Essence
Spirit of Cumaceba is gentle and playful ;) really good to work on self-love. Thank you! Review by Julia / (Posted on 15/12/2019)
intense and kind. thx! Review by sebastian / (Posted on 10/12/2019)
So sweet and gentle
I thank your precence, I thank your spirit and I thank your medicine. Working with Cumaceba has been truly amazing, heartstrengthening and very emotional. I have been crying alot, for the beauty of life, the beauty of and in nature and the beauty in people, and also alot for the love I had failed to give myself. Thank you Cumaceba for showing me and opening me up for the love I have for myself and others. She has lightened my spirit and helped me so in a challenging period in my life with a confunsing breakeup and new beginnings. She made me believe in myself. Lots of love. I will continue to work with Cumaceba for a while, since I feel my heart still is in need of healing. Thank you Review by IDa / (Posted on 21/07/2019)
Great Essence to make your heart lighter and in peace
I took Cumaceba and noticed that after few days my heart felt very light, got a sense of peace and calm and also could feel the spirit of the tree with me and in any moment I wanted to focus on something or connected to a sweet emotion I could feel my heart bloom. Is a great essence to feel very light and calm. Very recommended Review by Blue Matrix (R.A) / (Posted on 14/05/2019)

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