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Camalonga Essence (15ml)

Camalonga Essence (15ml)
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dreams of conflict - energies being cleared?
I have had two bottles of camalonga. I have always had vivid dreams, but for me this really seems to give me dreams of confrontation, or arguments, or conflict with people I have known throughout my life. Some of the encounters relate to possible problems I may have perceived but never really talked through, other times I can't instantly relate to the drama that's happening but I am open to the idea that those feelings run much deeper and I had not overtly considered them before. I presume running through these kind of interactions in dreamtime is perhaps helping me to purge some of these energies in a safer manner? Either way, I am happy to continue using it, particularly if it's helping me to work through stuff.

Hi Mary, yes you are correct the essence has been prepared for guidance, cleansing and for dreaming. So sounds like you are purging! Review by Mary / (Posted on 27/11/2020)
excellent product
I took this essence as per the instructions and followed the diet for about three weeks
My dream recall was considerably enhanced although I didn't notice any effect in terms of increased lucidity
The information on the site and with the product was clear and helpful
I have recommended to my dreaming friend and they have had good results Review by jane / (Posted on 05/08/2020)
Es una estupenda esencia. La he probado hasta acabarla y me ha ayudado a mejorar mis sueños lúcidos. Sin duda volveré a pedirla. Review by Alfredo / (Posted on 15/01/2020)
Good morning
I used camalonga every night to help me with aware dreaming. I had some interesting nights!
thank you
Francesco Review by Francesco / (Posted on 17/12/2019)
Beyond our expectations: Camalonga!
It helps to get a brighter more consciousness feeling, more alertness and more happiness. We‘re soo happy with your Camalonga and both me and my husband take it every day and have these good results. Thank you so much Review by Audrey / (Posted on 21/06/2019)
I was looking forward to trying this essence to see the effects it would have on my dreamtime. I do believe this essence brought about very vivid dreams, especially since I haven't had the essence, they have become a bit less. Of all the essences I've tried, this is definitely one I will get again. Review by Tina / (Posted on 10/05/2019)
Effective essence.
I purchased it hoping it would stimulate my dreams and it did just that. Also very pleasant tasting. Review by peter / (Posted on 20/04/2019)
Profound integration.
This by far was my favorite essence, it had me work through issues and resolve things that had troubled me, all through my dreams. I was sad when i was done with this essence as i felt the spirit of the tree with me the whole time. Review by Nicole / (Posted on 23/09/2018)
Растения Амазонки не перестают восхищать
Я впервые попробовал Камалонгу по возвращении из ретрит центра в Перу, где участвовал в церемониях Айяхуаски. Мне тяжело отделить остаточный эффект напитка айяхуаски от эффекта экстракта камалонги, но сны определённо стали интенсивней. Однажды я попробовал перед сном выпить 8 капель вместо 3 (рекомендую хорошенько подумать прежде чем повторять), и моя ночь превратилась в непрекращающийся просмотр сновидений.. Камалонга определённо действует и днём, может возникнуть потребность потупить и застыть с остекленевшим взглядом. Экстракт изготовлен из коры дерева и настоян на бренди. Сегодня допиваю последние капли, может теперь удастся выспаться без сновидений :) Рекомендую тем, кто хочет учиться через сны или уходить в медитации в околосонном состоянии. Чувствительность индивидуальна. Мне трех капель четыре раза в день хватало, чтобы ощутить эффект Review by Igor / (Posted on 21/08/2018)
I had dreams that would work me through major issues...
This was my first essense, the bottle lasted a full 5 weeks and I also did the first week dieta as I wanted the permanent results. I could feel the essence with me the whole time, which was a comfort. In the beginning I had dreams that would work me through major issues I had struggled with a long time, like certain fears and self esteem issues, etc. It would fix the issue. I always awoke feeling pleasant about the dreams I had, and that has not gone away since I've stopped the essence, it changed the way I dream now, which I love. Also I have Mimi's Icaro's cd and if I feel I need healing of any kind, I listen to it as I'm falling asleep and I feel better in the morning. Review by Nicole / (Posted on 01/08/2018)

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