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Una de Gato Essence (15ml)

Una de Gato Essence (15ml)
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Una de Gato
This is my fav out of all of them
As amazing as all of them are healing emotions and bringing things up, if you suffer from any sleep paralysis or fears this will help. So much so that I am ordering myself another bottle. This will be my third :) thank you Mimi Review by Siobhan / (Posted on 09/11/2021)
My fav one of all the essences.
I have been through a lot of stuff this past year and fear was one of the things. So much so that I had nightmares, sleep paralysis and fear of going to sleep. Within a few days of taking this I was no longer scared of going to sleep and I was stronger in my dreams if anything was happening. I think I've had about 4 bottles of this one. If u have any fear, this is the one for u. However all the drops are amazing and I can't rate them enough! Nothing happens by accident, I was guided to find these. Thank u Mimi!! Xxx Review by Siobhan / (Posted on 15/08/2021)
Una de gato
I appreciate this essence since I have the feeling that it also heals deep routed sickness causes and it is a great relieve Review by Maresa / (Posted on 03/06/2021)
This Jaguar spirit has drenched me with such beautiful, fierce, safety and protects me with it's life; pouring safety deeeeep into my soul, I have never ever known. So much so, that after spending my entire adult life traumatized and locked away in the safety of my room, I have finally been able to gradually start taking relatively big, brave steps out of my room and into the world outside.

Because the truly magnificent aspect of this essence is that even after having finished it, I continue to find myself so possessed by this Jaguar spirit living within me (in a good way!), that it is planting and instilling in me this amazing new identity of Brave Courage, Fearlessness, Confidence, Inner Strength and Security. The power of this Jaguar is so invincible, that I am really starting to feel this invincibility within me. Review by Areena / (Posted on 20/04/2021)
The strength of the big cat...
... what should I say more? Exactly this is Una de Gato Essence... Powerful Product! Review by Iris / (Posted on 13/05/2019)
Let it go through you
EN: I have tried several of sacred tree essences from Mimi. Every single one is different. I can't say I had a pleasant experience with Una de Gato as this got me involved into tough episodes of my life connected to physical challenges and choices I have to make. Emotionally it was like an explosion. I am grateful to the knowledge I was given an experience I have had. I am looking to diet on Una de Gato in future as I have a feeling my journey is not yet completed with this medicine but I am fine for now.

RUS: Получил в лицо. Спасибо. Буду пить ещё. Что-то в этом есть. Review by Igor / (Posted on 27/11/2018)
The best
One of my favourite. Review by Rana / (Posted on 16/11/2018)
The force
? Can I say about UNA I always order this item.
It always work right away. It's the Force it always pushes you to the top. Always telling you, you need to step up. Always dose the magic. Review by Rana / (Posted on 14/11/2018)
Una de Gato - the jaguar, the panther is creeping through the jungle - strong, majestic, inviolable. Could we need sometimes a little bit of the strength of this wonderful cat? Una de Gato provides exactly this - thank you very much! Review by Iris / (Posted on 12/11/2018)
Rollercoaster ride of flow
After receiving this essence after taking the first drops within a few hours I cried as emotions come up this lasted 2 days . Intense emotions coming up . Dreams were vivid and clearing . It mellowed out for a week then I had a week of intense fears and this was hard at times to navigate through it . It brought up anxiety and deep fears but by breathing through it I integrated this into my body .
Some past emotions came up from relationships which needed to be cleared . Now after been guided back to health and flow I am still working with the jaguar energies to move forward . This essence is strong , challenging, and empowering as it gets you to move back into personal power. Thank you Una de Gato x Review by Jayne Arella / (Posted on 13/04/2018)

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