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Uchu Sanango Essence (15ml)

Uchu Sanango Essence (15ml)
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10 Item(s)

Uchu Sanango it is a wise plant
This was second time that I use this plant medicine I am still working on communication with this plant. It is surprising me with the why how is working I find that to hear it the teaching of this plant it is needed to really trust and listen. Thank you! Review by Julia / (Posted on 11/02/2020)
The Abuelo Uchu Sanango
It was an interesting journey it helped me a lot when I was traveling, however, I feel I will need to try this essence one more time to connect with the energy of this plant. On some days I felt more balance in others not so much. It is strong energy and I will recommend to anyone who is working on getting back his inner strength. Review by Julia / (Posted on 29/10/2019)
It gently worked on me
I am not sure of the real impact of Uchu Sanango on me. I had so many ''projets en route'' at the same time which had been planned for more than a year. I think Uchu Sanando helped me go through everything. It was a nice support in a moment where I needed it. Review by Marie-Phe / (Posted on 15/07/2019)
I love this. I’ll be getting the entire set of essences next! Review by Elizabeth / (Posted on 04/07/2018)
I’m thrilled I stumbled upon this! I have previously experienced an ayahuasca journey and found Mimi’s essences with hopes to help “keep it going.” The Uchu has done just that. I’ve recently started using it regularly and have found it to support me with exactly what is described. I feel clear and empowered. I’ve had meaningful dreams and even a lucid experience! I love it and am looking forward to what’s next! I’ll definitely be trying other sacred essences, as well. Mimi- thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving this gift to the world! Review by Elizabeth / (Posted on 04/07/2018)
Uchu is a tuff cookie
Uchu Sanango is amazing,
You have to follow the diet for sure, which could be little tuff time to time. It dose little time to build up. It's solid . Review by Rana / (Posted on 01/02/2018)
Uchu Sanango
Its my second Week with Uchu Sanango in Combination with a strict Diet and it works really well, sometimes i use some Rape and Mapacho to go a bit deeper. I done several Diets with Medicine Plants in Peru and also by myself in Combination with Ayahuasca and this is quiet a gentle Way of working with the Medicine Plants. The first Days was some struggling and emotional and then it entered to a deep connection with the tree and myself, I feel really grounded, strength, lots of gratitude, Heartopening and Clarity inside. I feel its a gentle and beautiful way of working with the Medicine plants but it goes deep as well. I will continue some more weeks with Uchu Sanango and of course will try some other Shamanic Medicine essences from Mimi . Thanks a lot Review by Alexander / (Posted on 21/03/2017)
What a powerful essence , within a few days and the first week it was intense I was very emotional many times some for a hour some all day on and off . After a week the emotional side balanced out and insights and light bulb moments were coming up . This essence as helped me see that gratitude for all we have is a key aspect to manifestation and bringing in your goals and desires . I had vivid dreams and released past issues through them . I learned about acceptance and how to be content with what I have in life . I am currently learning how to surrender to life and the universe which for me is hard but surrender brings flow and ease and.sanago as taught me to let universal intelligence take over . A strong essence and had ups and downs but uchu sanango continues to unfold his magic in my life . Thank you x Review by Jayne / (Posted on 07/12/2015)
Powerfully transformative
When I took the Uchu Sanango essence I found that I became more aware of honesty - where I was not being honest with myself or others. The essence helped me to live much more within my integrity and from a place of honesty. For me Sanango is very direct and its teaching clear, even to me - I am not usually very sensitive to these things but its effects were undeniable. The changes it has helped me to make brought a greater level of peace and clarity into my life. Review by Mark / (Posted on 08/08/2012)
Truly life-changing
The Uchu Sanango essence completely changed my life! I'm not over-exaggerating either! I was drawn to taking the essence in early July and I didn't really know what to expect. About 5 days in to the diet I started to REALLY understand how I create my reality with my thoughts and feelings. I had read about this concept many times before and I thought I understood it but Sanango made me realise that I only understood at an intellectual level. Abuelo Sanango gave me the power to understand the concept fully, with my whole body and now I completely understand the truth of how we create our lives and that we are limitless beings only limited by our minds.

Before taking the essence I felt I was a victim of circumstance - especially financial circumstances and that I was limited in what I could achieve because of money. Now I completely understand that I created my current finances with my mind and with just a choice I can create financial abundance.

Just two weeks of taking the essence has completely changed my life. I'd say it has been one of the most, if not THE most important insight of my life - I feel completely free to be, do and have whatever I want, and I know, deep inside that I can achieve it. Abuleo Sanango has given me the beautiful gift of personal power and freedom. Absolutely awesome! Thank you Abuelo Sanango and thank you Mimi! x Review by Paul / (Posted on 05/08/2012)

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