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Tortuga Essence (15ml)

Tortuga Essence (15ml)
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4 Item(s)

Grounding and balancing
I love this essence especially on days when my mind races and I feel overwhelmed by all the to do's in my bucket, and need to slow down and ground. I'm grateful for the wisdom of this medicine to bring me back home to myself, and grateful for Mimi creating such divine essences. I will order this essence again. Thank you! Review by Yonca / (Posted on 09/04/2023)
Tortuga Essence
This dieta is so earthy and calming. Another lovely addition to daily life to stay centred and focused. Read the description of the dietas and feel what resonates and go with it. They work so well and I absolutely love them all. I buy these for birthday gifts now instead of other stuff so that people can heal. My sister had anxiety for many years and combining the huaira caspi (I know its not this one but I want to mention it) with sahaja yoga she has completely healed her anxiety and fear! She is like a different person now. Dont wait for these dietas
They are life changing xx Review by Siobhan / (Posted on 01/08/2021)
Love It!
Thank you thank you thank you. Appreciate the quality and look forward to taking more as called. Review by Alex / (Posted on 04/01/2019)
The only medicine that waits for you to catch up
Tortuga is A M A Z I N G . Its like having Thomas Jefferson Isaac Newton and Merlin in your energy system at the same time. The pacing is so perfect. It reminds me a bit of ajos sacha but less abstract. It totally interweaves with and informs this tantric energy work i do too. But everywhere i put my consciousness, guess what was the reply?


And it surged forward. Like spreading butter to the edge of the crusts of your bread. It fills all space.

Day 1 felt mildy integrated like a voice of reason inside me. Day 2, I awoke up with an explanation of how fibonnaci sequence expands beyond the structure of the tortuga plant and to all created things and expands into other algorythms than fibonacci. As i watched this explanation, the energy moved inside me towards my relationships, interests, problems, etc and each was revealed as an expression of these algorythms. At the same time the pacing was slow like an elderly grandfather lovingly explaining these things....mind blown.

Why is no one talking about this? Its like the same vibe as the afterglow of an aya ceremony. Flowing understanding of all things on a deeply personal level. Total perfection. Review by ayahuascamagic / (Posted on 04/06/2018)

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