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Lupuna Blanca Essence (15ml)

Lupuna Blanca Essence (15ml)
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4 Item(s)

I am strong
Lupuna Blanca is amazing amazing amazing!! I felt the presence of the spirit very easy the first day and it accumulated over the course of the weeks I was working with it. Lupuna showed me my strenght and helped me build it by growing huge rooots and branches inside of me. I felt enormous. And I felt empowered. For the first time in a long time I began to like myself and FEEL MY WORTH. Thank you so much beautiful tree, and thank you Mimi for your work. I am really looking forward to work with Lupuna again. I am grateful Review by IDa / (Posted on 07/06/2019)
Very Expanding
Lapuna has opened me up to things that I thought were out of reach. I've been able to connect to energies and spirit animals that I was always fascinated by, but always too afraid to reach out to on my own.
This is a very welcoming and supportive medicine. I've been trying to keep a strict dieta and Lapuna gives me a little nudge to keep me on the path.. Review by Jason / (Posted on 01/07/2018)
Absolutely amazing!
I have dieted the entire bottle of Lapuna Blanca. I wanted to go deep into my soul, and the essence has definitely delivered the lessons. The experience started off gentle and has grown into a full blown realization of my own inner strength. My journey with Lapuna Blanca revealed what was blocking my strength from expressing itself, and has helped me to move through that. Lapuna Blanca not only reconnected me with my own inner strength, it has also shown me how powerful it is. Thank you, Mimi! Review by ***Maggies*** / (Posted on 07/04/2018)
Essential in my personal and spiritual growth
Lupuna Blanca opened my eyes, my mind, and cleansed my body. An 8 day course provided spaces of such clarity, peace, and knowing, as well as times of discomfort, feelings of moodiness, and a turbulent mind. The essence brought me to my intuition, opening up new awareness andunderstanding. Overall, it was a beautiful developmental and transcendental experience, essential in my personal and spiritual growth. Review by Rachel / (Posted on 11/08/2012)

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