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When is the best time to do the advanced shamanic treatment?

There is no better or worse time to learn from the spirits and have your energy realigned. However, doing the advanced treatment may be especially beneficial when you are going through times of stress, doubt, confusion, mental turbulence, when you are at a crossroads, when your energy needs cleansing, or when you have energetic blocks that need to be moved. If you want to build a deeper connection with the trees, nature spirits and its medicine.

If I do the advanced shamanic treatment, how long should I wait before starting another essence?

It is recommended that you wait for at least a week until you begin the next treatment.

What happens if I don’t follow the advanced shamanic treatment restrictions?

These restrictions are based on traditional methods of working with the medicinal plants. Following the restrictions ensures the best possible results from taking the essences. It creates the optimal environment in the body for your energy to be worked on. By following these rules, you will be creating an altered energetic state that will create space for the spirits to do their work. The spirits will also work to release a build-up of the very substances that you are abstaining from. If you have made the decision to do the advanced treatment then stick to it. Following all the restrictions shows respect towards the spirits and demonstrates your level of commitment.

Why can’t I have sex or even kiss when I am& doing the advanced shamanic treatment?

When two people engage in any sex-related activity, there is an exchange of energy. While the spirits are working on your energy, it is best that there are no outside energies coming into the mix. The spirits will be straightening out all your energetic centers, including your sexual energy center, which is why masturbation is also not recommended. It is ok to kiss people on the cheek. This restriction is followed for just the first week of taking the essence.

Why can’t I eat pork during the advanced shamanic treatment?

Pork has a very dense energy. During the course, an environment is created in the body to allow the release of unwanted energies. The energetic density of pork can hinder this process.This restriction is followed just for the first week of taking the essence.

Why can’t I drink alcohol or use drugs while on the shamanic course?

As your energy is being worked on, it is recommended that these substances’ energies are not thrown into the mix. Adding these substances will reverse the effects of the essences.This restriction is just followed for the first week of taking the essence but would be better if continued for longer.

Why can’t I have sugar during the advanced shamanic treatment?

Sugar weakens your energetic body, leaving you less capable of dealing with emotional and energetic change. Refraining from sugar consumption allows the build up of this substance to be released from the body and creates a cleaner environment for the spirits to do their work. Also traditionally this is a rule that is always followed when working with the plants in this way.

When you say “no sugar,” on the shamanic treatment, what foods do you mean exactly?

Anything that tastes sweet, the obvious things like chocolate, cookies, ice-cream, cakes, soft drinks and adding sugar to your food and drinks. This includes: sugar-free gum, stevia, honey and sweeteners.One piece of fruit only per day is acceptable. Many processed foods contain hidden sugars. The ideal diet to follow is one that is fresh, healthy and nutritious with no processed (ready meals) or take-away foods. These restrictions are followed for the first week of treatment.

Why can’t I have coffee on the shamanic treatment and can I have tea instead?

Coffee stimulates fear energy and causes anxiety. Refraining from drinking coffee will allow the spirits to work optimally without the interference of these energies and will allow these built-up substances to be released from the energetic body. Tea works differently in the energetic body and has a lesser stimulant effect; however, it is recommended that you not exceed 2 cups of caffeinated tea per day. (this includes green tea) If however you can completely go without caffeine even better. You may drink as much herbal tea as you desire. These restrictions are followed for the first week of treatment.

Can I mix the essences?

Yes, you can mix the essences. However, it is recommended that you start off using the essences individually so that you can understand how each essence works for you and you can build an individual connection to each tree. More is not always necessarily more.

How many essences can I use at the same time?

It is recommended that you mix no more than 3 essences together. Take one drop of each essence 4 times a day.

Can the essences negatively affect me?

Everyone is configured differently energetically. This means that your experiences with the essences are going to be personal. A wide range of effects may take place. Sometimes it may be possible to feel that the very problem that you want to fix becomes worse. This is because the spirits bring the energies that need to be released to the surface, so you may feel them as they are leaving your consciousness. This is only temporary, and once the energies have been realigned, you will feel better. Only positive transformation can come about by taking the essences. Some people may feel very calm and peaceful after taking the essences. Some people may feel like the essences are not doing anything at all. In this case, trust that they are working. It may be that your energy is more dense so you are unable to feel them working, or that you have not developed a psychic awareness of how energy moves yet. It is quite common to have mood swings in the first week whilst you are following all the restrictions.

I don’t like the taste of the alcohol in the essences. Is there another way that I can take them?

You can put the drops into a glass of pure water and drink it. Do not mix them with other liquids or substances.

Can I really take the essences as often as I need to?

Yes, you can’t overdose on taking the essences. However, follow the suggested directions of taking three drops at a time and then repeat as often as needed.

Do I have to follow the restrictions when taking the essences on an as-needed basis, instead of doing the treatment?

No, the restrictions are only applied when following the& shamanic advanced treatment.

How long does one bottle of essence last for?

There is roughly enough to last for 5 weeks if taken as listed. There is enough to do a 30 days advanced treatment with some left over to be used as and when needed which is how I would reccommend using them.

Is there any particular way the essence should be stored?

Yes, keep away from direct sunlight.

Is doing an advanced shamanic treatment the same as doing a dieta in the jungle?

I have introduced a way for people to be able to safetly work with the plants who are unable to make it down to the jungle which I sonetimes also call an 'urban dieta'. The treatment has been adapted for people to be able to use at home, carrying on their daily routines and take it unsupervised. Doing a dieta in the jungle is more intense, the plant mixture strength is different, their are more dietary restrictions & rules and best done under supervision. So please just follow the restrictions that I have outlined.