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Punga Amarilla Essence (15ml)

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Punga Amarilla Essence (15ml)

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The head medicine spirit of this tree is a yellow anaconda. The snake’s energy is agile and perceptive. This essence can be used for extracting negative energies from the body. Connect to this tree for cleansing and protection. The colour of Punga's energetic medicine is yellow, representative of this tree's name and the snake’s markings. This colour is inspiring and illuminating.



Punga Amarilla Botanical name unknown (pun-ga ama-riya)

The Punga Amarilla is used for extracting and cleansing specific negative energies from the energetic body. Sometimes we are aware of the energies that need to be cleansed and released but we need a helping hand to do so. The head medicine spirit of this tree is a yellow anaconda snake. The snake’s energy is agile and perceptive. It traces what needs to be removed and then pulls it out of the energetic system using its tribal snake tree medicine. The snake is also used for protecting one’s self and environment. The colour associated with this essence is yellow, representative of this trees name and the snake’s markings. This colour is inspiring and illuminating.

Each essence has been prepared with its own medicine song, an icaro. Icaros are a form of communication between the shaman and the spirit world. The icaro is used to set the healing intention and to ask the tree for assistance.  Each essence has been uniquely created by choosing certain qualities of each tree and calling forth its medicine with the icaro.

The third image is of my painting 'Punga Amarilla Tree Medicine'.

Other Traditional Uses

Punga Amarilla Botanical name unknown (pun-ga ama-riya)
This tree is a teacher plant and used by shamans for its curative/spiritual qualities. It can be used as part of a shamanic dieta or as an admixture to Ayahuasca.


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Punga Amarilla
Bought this essence at first for personal healing and development. Later realised the effectiveness of this essence when doing harmonising of earth gridlines. It will be part of my staple if I move forward in doing more of such harmonisation work. Review by Elena / (Posted on 30/12/2023)
Punga Amarilla
Beautiful product. Helpful and strengthening. Review by Siobhan / (Posted on 02/05/2023)
Good at getting the roots up
When we do meditation, we begin to pull up these "roots" of the reasons why we are the way we are and react. This is wonderful at "pulling up" these roots and letting things go. For me personally anyway. Lol. I love all these essences and they are especially good if you need that extra "lift" when things are coming up to clear. Thank you for making these available Review by S / (Posted on 09/10/2022)
Punga Amarilla
I have worked with Punga for 2 mths was in a bit of a dark place feeling stuck Punga Amarilla got me on my feet and moving again. I found this to be way more effective using the dieta. Also this is amazing for creativity. Feeling alive again thanks. Review by Dave / (Posted on 08/09/2022)
Strong cleanerer
The Punga makes me alert on what's playing in my system.. A very strong cleaner of the energetic systen Review by Laura / (Posted on 14/06/2021)
Punga amarilla
I started with punga because I had lots of negative thoughts.. That did not feel like my own thoughts.. It's getting less now since I take punga amarilla.. I use 2 drops in a 30 ml bottle water because I don't want all that energy to come out at once.. Punga helps it clean out of my system but also shows me how I pick up these energies from others. Review by Laura / (Posted on 24/11/2020)
Super inspiring medicine
Punga Amarilla has really lighted up my life and my inner fire the past three weeks in many profound and sublte ways. Before I begun to work with Punga I was in a dark place and was living my life through fear. Now I take action and have a bright outlook on my future and everyday life. I took an intensive approach with 4-10drops 4-6 times daily and have managed to turn my life around and continue to walk the path I am supposed to be on. I am no longer afraid. I am no longer worried. With Punga I feel so inspired and have gained the willpower to continue to build my life, to follow my dreams and tune in to my values and interests. Wow!!!! Now I'm back on track more ready and stronger than ever before. Something has really left my body and shifted in my psyche. I feel lighter, and so INSPIRED!! <3 Thank you Punga Amarilla, and thank you Mimi! Review by IDa / (Posted on 17/12/2019)
released everything including the need to take essences
ENG: PUNGA AMARILLA was very different to any other essence I have tried before. It calmed my mind really deep. I can't say there was any sort of mental work or I felt it physically in any way.. I just felt things no longer bothering me. This includes a discipline, which I thought I never had an issue with, to take the drops 4 times a day. I used to forget doing that again and again and again. I forgot what was my intention of buying complete set of the essences to try every single one but I no longer have such a desire. I will see how it goes over time.

RUS: Забыл зачем пил. На самом деле, считаю что хорошо, ибо отпустило знатно. Даже отпустило от того что забыл что забыл. Сделаю пока паузу. Бутылочку допил залпом ибо больше не видел смысла продолжать пить по каплям. Кто считает что это неправильно, рекомендую попробовать PUNGA AMARILLA - отпустит Review by Igor / (Posted on 17/12/2018)
Shamanic field
My second round on Punga . It woke me up and it revealed deep (for me) shamanic secrets which now seem so obvious and tie into my energy work developments of the last 2 months - which have involved accepting divine infinity as source. Its literally been teaching me how to create an energy field and sing into it. As I created this deep field of divine love and sang, the spirit of punga slid off the branches into my consciousness and began an hour long trip thru my chakras. Smell of fresh sour apples. It showed me how to wind melodies to create honey traps for negative energies. Probably one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. Its fading now as I change my vibration much like the end of a ceremony with the melody echoing. A feeling that im being trained to be a shaman emerges joyfully. True or not, What an unbelievable privelage Review by ayahuasca magic / (Posted on 11/12/2018)
Need to use more
I didn't have the chance to use enough, but so far it's great. It breaks down your thoughts to a clear view so far. Review by Rana / (Posted on 14/11/2018)
Great essence
This has been a great essence. I took it because I needed to clear from a really intense few months of picking up energies that were weighing me down. I trusted my instinct and did an intensive core with this, taking the drops 4-5 times a day and also listening to the Icaros. At times really challenging, had a couple of days of really weeping and struggling and then release and lightness. Lots of clearing happened and I now feel lighter and like I am coming back to me. I may need another course but for now Im focusing on some other areas with the essences. Really sacred medicine. Thank you Review by Aneya / (Posted on 30/11/2015)
I love Yellow Punga
This is my second round of course with Punga. The first time, with the enormous and generous help from punga and the icaros, I was able to purge "alcohol spirits" from my energetic body. This "crossed energy" had been the root cause of my imbalances. I had no idea what to expect from Punga, and although the purging was extremely heavy and challenging, I felt cleansed and purified.
This 2nd round, coupled with the music, I felt super connected with the medicine. So much so that I merged completely with the essence and its teaching. I literally felt the sacred energy expand my consciousness everytime I took it. More and more, I feel myself unifying with God's loving energy and that feels completely wonderful. I recommend taking Punga to anyone who wants their true essence to be revealed to them. Review by Claire / (Posted on 30/01/2013)

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