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Capirona Essence (15ml)

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Capirona Essence (15ml)

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Capirona has a very light energy that can brighten dark moods. Connect to this tree to help combat negative energies from other people or the environment. The essence can make your energetic body slippery, like the bark of this tree, so that negative energies slide off. The colour of Capirona's energetic medicine is lime green, representing the tree's distinctive bark. This colour is refreshing and invigorating.



Capirona - Calycophyllum spruceanum, Firewood tree, Naked tree (cap-e-ro-na)

We may on occasion feel a little sensitive to energies from other people, to our environment and in need of some energetic support and protection. We may at times also find it hard to deal with our own emotions and need some support to help ease and smooth some of the disquiet.  This tree has a very powerful light energy that has the ability to brighten and lift dark moods. This tree has a very distinctive bark which is very smooth and shiny, this quality in the essence is used to make your energetic body like the bark of this tree so that negative energies can slide off.  The colour associated with this essence is lime green representing the bark of this tree. This colour is refreshing and invigorating.

Each essence has been prepared with its own medicine song, an icaro. Icaros are a form of communication between the shaman and the spirit world. The icaro is used to set the healing intention and to ask the tree for assistance.  Each essence has been uniquely created by choosing certain qualities of each tree and calling forth its medicine with the icaro.

The third image is of my painting 'Capirona Tree Medicine'.

Other traditional uses

This tree can grow to the forest’s canopy and reach a height of 30 metres. It has a very distinctive appearance due to its smooth and shiny bark. It has the ability to completely shed its bark, which changes from a vibrant green to brown colour depending on the time of year. It is common to find Capirona trees growing close to one another.

This tree is commonly used by the Kichwa, Kukama and Tikuna tribes for its medicinal properties. The bark is used for cleansing wounds, cuts and burns, due its anti-bacterial qualities. It also has anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties, used for treating skin conditions. The bark is used for treating wrinkles and patchy skin. It is believed to help the skin rejuvenate, as does the bark of this tree. It has been used in the cosmetic industry for its ability to prevent wrinkles, remove discolorations and scars. Also an antioxidant, and known to be used as a repellent and insecticide.

It has small perfumed white flowers. Capirona timber is commonly used in the Amazon for construction and furniture making. It is an exceptionally hard wood which makes it very durable.

This tree is a sacred teacher plant and used by shamans for its curative/spiritual qualities. It can be used as part of a shamanic dieta or as an admixture to Ayahuasca.


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Physiological Architecture
I'm 2 weeks in and yeah theres somethign mercurial about this. Crown chakra feels cold. I have diversions into exploring the physiological architecture of animals anatomy which seem to open up in my mind and I can glide through their musculature. Same with plants and flowers and then at one point looking at a Renoir painting a became filled with pure understanding and joy of the colors. Same with music. The spaces between the notes and the articulation of each moment is exquisite. It gives appreciation for the beautiful construction of reality. Also it has transformed my meditational practices which I have previusly described as tantric ands guided me to a whole new region of exploration - pure beauty. Every one of these plants becomes my favorite lol Review by ayahuasca magic / (Posted on 13/10/2018)
Such a lovely medicine very powerful and uplifting. Really helping me to let go of lots of negativity which to begin with meant lots o
of crying! The medicine really got my kundalini energy flowing whilst linking with the sacred icaros. This was my first essence and a lovely way to start connecting with the grounding safe and protective plant medicine. Thank you Capirona and Mimi!! Xx Review by Lou / (Posted on 24/09/2015)
Helps me throughout the day.
Capirona is a versatile medicine. This medicine teacher has an adaptable, mercurial quality to it, and taking the essence imparts this quality onto you. In my experience, imparts upon me an energetic feeling of lightness that is present throughout the day, as I go about mundane tasks. It leaves me feeling clean and fresh, ready to address whatever comes up.
Review by Johnathan / (Posted on 04/09/2015)

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