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Effects Of Taking The Essences

Everyone is configured differently energetically. This means that your experiences with the essences are going to be very personal. A wide range of effects may take place. Sometimes it may be possible to feel that the very problem that you want to fix becomes worse. This is because the spirits bring the energies that need to be released to the surface, so you may feel them as they are leaving your consciousness. This is only temporary, and once the energies have been realigned, you will feel better. Although this may feel uncomfortable you will be able to carry on with your normal daily activities, rest assured that this will get better and will have been worth it!

It is quite common for people to feel ungrounded or emotional and have mood swings during the first week.This is due to detoxifying& and the spirits working on your energy.& Only positive transformation can come about by taking the essences. Some people may feel very calm and peaceful after taking the essences. Some people may feel like the essences are not doing anything at all. In this case, trust that they are working. It may be that you have not developed a psychic awareness of how energy moves yet. It differs for everybody. One person may have a very subtle experience and another may have more of a challenging time!

When we have energies that no longer serve us released, we begin to see our lives and world from a new place. The wonderful effects of taking the essences are having new revelations, thoughts and ideas. The teacher plants share thier divine knowledge with us and teach us. They guide us on our spiritual journey of self-discovery, growth and transformation.

If you need help choosing an essence, would like support and guidance during your treatment or would like some shamanic healing alongside your treatment, please visit our Consultations & Shamanic healing page.

"If I could give some advice to someone experiencing the essences for the first time, it would be this: Set your intention with the information on the website and in the brochure. Follow the diet. Persevere even if nothing seems to be happening, or even if you seem to be temporarily worse. Let go and let the essence work, breathe and concentrate on your heart, and the spirits will teach you and change you." Dr Craig Benson

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