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Consultations & Shamanic Healing

Please contact me for availablity before making a payment.

Consultation & Shamanic Healing Session  All sessions are currently being held online via skype or telegram.

Intially Mimi will spend time getting some insight into what you need help and guidance with. She will then perform a venteada, this is a traditional healing practice where she connects to your energy and opens a channel to the spirit world. She then sings the chosen icaros, medcine songs for you, channelled from spirit. As she sings she uses a shacapa (made from leaves) to direct the healing energy and sounds to different parts of your body and throughout your energetic field. Whilst she sings, messages come through from spirit that will help her treat you. It is possible for you to have visions and messages come through too as you focus on the sounds. 

The icaros are used to re-establish energetic balance and well-being. They are used to cleanse, call healing energies and spirits, remove energetic blocks, release emotions, for strength, for protection, to receive guidance and learn from the tree spirits and lots more. Mimi will use the necessary icaros chosen for you.

Healing sessions are held in Clapham Junction, London. £60 for 75 min session. You will be emailed to arrange an appointment.

If you would like to continue with your shamanic healing, guidance or learning. Mimi can prescribe sprays and tree essences for you to use at home. These are charged separately.


House Cleansing Ritual – Mimi will use her shamanic skills to cleanse away negative energies from your home and fill it with positve healing energy. She will perform shamanic rituals and use sacred songs, herbs and sprays. Please enquire as price depends on location.

Healing Art – Fill your home with magnificent tree-spirit energy. Through guidance from the sacred trees, Mimi can paint the colours and healing energy meant specifically for you. Please enquire as price varies depending on size of canvas.

Private shamanic healing ceremonies – Mimi can be booked to hold healing ceremonies for groups of people. Please enquire as price varies on group size.

If you would like healing, consultations, treatment or something else not listed here a tailor made package can be put together for you!

Contact: mimi@SacredTreeEssences.com

"Thanks for the amazing healing you have a gift indeed"

"I feel amazing after your healing was very powerful. Your tintures are amazing, can feel the energy too, what an amazing medicine you have brought here."

"Amazing Healing Ceremony by Mimi, I felt the energy and healing strongly"

"Beautiful afternoon and ceremony, such lovely voice you have and angelic and deeply healing Icaros, thanks shamanic sister"

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