Icaro CD

The Sacred Tree Icaro CD has been created to be used in combination with the essences; however, it can also be used alone. The beat of the shacapa (leaf rattle) puts you in a relaxed, meditative state, allowing the icaros to take you on a journey. The icaros enable the listener to experience different states of consciousness created by the healing energies of the trees.

See track titles below

1. Katahua Icaro– Invokes the spirits of the Katahua tree and the cielo ayahuasca spirits. Used to create altered states of consciousness and opening psychic vision.

2. Bobinsana Icaro– Invokes the spirits of the Bobinsana tree. Used for bringing peace and tranquility by calming the heart and mind.

3. Lupuna Blanca Icaro– Invokes the spirits of the Lupuna Blanca tree to bring white medicine and protection to the energetic body.

4. Cielo Ayahuasca Icaro– Invokes the spirits of the cielo ayahuasca vine. Used to call in pure medicine energies to the body.

5. Huaira Caspi Icaro– Invokes the spirits of the Huaira Caspi tree. Used for bringing a breeze of fresh energy to the mind, clearing mental turbulence.

6. Medicine Icaro– Invokes healing medicine energy to make the energetic body and heart shine.

7. Celestial Angels Icaro– Invokes the celestial angels to heal the heart, body and mind. It calls on them to provide energetic protection with their golden wings.

8. Divine Icaro I– Invokes the divine energies of Christ to heal the heart, body and mind.

9. Dancing Spirit Icaro– Used to make the spirit dance, bringing joy and happiness.

10. Divine Icaro II– Invokes the divine energies of God to fill the heart with healing medicine.


How To Use The Icaro CD

The CD begins by calling in energies that will alter your state of consciousness and open up psychic vision. This is followed by calling in different medicinal trees and ends in the Divine. The icaros have been placed in a specific order, allowing for spiritual ascension to take place. This will enable positive energetic shifts and changes to occur.

The CD can be listened to at any time, but it can be especially beneficial when you need to relax, unwind, and let your problems be carried away by the spirits. Get into a comfortable position, take a few deep breaths and then gently focus your attention on the icaros.

If you are using the CD with the essences, take a few drops of the essences and then listen to the CD; the icaros will help move the energies and will enhance the way that the essences work. You don’t have to listen to the CD every time you take the essences.

The CD is approximately 37 minutes long.

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