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About Sacred Tree Essences

Sacred Tree Essences was born in 2010 out of a South American odyssey which led me deep into the Peruvian jungle. There, an initiation into the mystical world of Amazonian shamanism flung open the doors to the spirit world.

While working as a nurse in England back in 2003, I experienced an inexplicable and inescapable calling to visit South America. Travelling on a one-way ticket with no plans, I took just a few clothes, a guidebook and a lot of trepidation. My strong instinct that a life-changing experience awaited overrode any reservations about giving up my old life and heading off into the unknown.

Whilst working as a volunteer nurse in Lima, Peru, I saw that many locals were using plants for healing and talking about curanderos and shamans. These traditional medicine men sparked my interest and I went in search of knowledge of other healing modalities.

By the time I had completed a course in alternative therapies and studied herbalism with a local curandero in the mountains of Bolivia, I had a profound desire to go deeper into the relationship between sickness, healing and the spirit world. I sensed this was the reason I had been compelled to leave home.

Eventually I joined a shaman-led retreat in the Peruvian Amazon. Immediately after ingesting the healing barks of the sacred trees, I was able to feel and hear the spirits of the trees. Within just a few days my connection to this newly emerging spirit world became strong. A deep psychic connection was developing with the trees. A message from spirit, via the shaman, said that I would make a good curandera and was offered an apprenticeship. I was overjoyed since this confirmed my own intuition that I had found my life's calling. I embarked on a full-time apprenticeship with maestro Don Alberto Torres Davila. Where I was trained as an ayahuasquera (ayahuasca shaman) palera (tree shaman) and sananguera (sanango shaman). 

In order to understand the healing qualities of each tree, I participated in numerous ‘shamanic dietas’. By ingesting the barks I went on a long journey of personal purification and transformation that included learning directly from the tree spirits about their particular healing properties and how to safely assist others in their healing journeys. All of the knowledge and expertise that goes into making the unique Sacred Tree Essences comes from first-hand profound spiritual connection with the tree spirits of the Amazon jungle..

As part of my training I also assisted in hundreds of ayahuasca ceremonies which opened my psychic vision and enabled me to directly see the energies of the sacred trees. I began sketching my visions during my apprenticeship which eventually led me to experimenting with paint. My artwork reflects how I see the healing energies of the plants I work with and the world of Amazonian Shamanism.

It was the desire of the Amazonian spirits to bring their wisdom and transformational powers to people all around the world that inspired me to create Sacred Tree Essences. The essences and sprays are made from the sacred trees and prepared in a traditional shamanic way to share the mystical gifts of the Amazon. I am truly honoured to have been taught these ancient traditions.

I now divide my time between Peru and the UK.

Purification, Learning, Growth, Transformation and Help on your Spiritual Journey, Guided by the Sacred Teacher Trees.